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Similan one day trip by speed catamaran 2 storeys


Similan Islands Located in Koh Phra Thong Subdistrict. Covering an area of 80,000 rai, it was declared a Koh Similan National Park on September 1, 1982. The word "Similan" In the Yawi language or Malay, it means nine or nine islands. The Similan Islands are small islands in the Andaman Sea. There are a total of 9 islands, arranged from north to south, including Koh Huyong, Koh Payang, Koh Payan, Koh Miang (there are 2 islands next to each other) Koh Payu, Koh Skull (Koh Bon), Koh Similan and Koh Ba Ngu. The park office, Koh Similan, is at Koh Miang because it is an island with fresh water. These islands are considered to be the most beautiful islands both on land and under. The water still maintains the integrity of the sea. Similan Island can be dived in both shallow and deep water. There are many types of colorful and beautiful corals. Colorful and rare fish such as manta rays, whales, dolphins, Monre eels, clown fish, Similan Island during November to April. It is the most attractive period for traveling. For the months from May to November It is the southwest monsoon season. There are strong winds that are dangerous for navigation and the Similan Island National Park will announce the closure of the island in May in order to restore the nature of Similan Island every year.

Interesting places in the Similan Islands

- Similan Island (Koh Paed) or Koh Paed
It is the tourism center of Similan Island. And traveling to the Similan Islands It is the largest island of Koh Similan, with fine white sand beaches under the sea. There are many types of coral. You can dive in both shallow and deep water on this island. There are big rocks on the island´s northern side. It appears to be a boot. A sailboat rock comes next. This represents the Similan Islands. Koh Paed (Similan Island) is a complete tourist attraction. Every taste from beach trips snorkeling Nature trail and a beautiful viewpoint. There are 2 beaches on Koh Paed, one prominent beach on the west and another on the east. Both sides of the beach are connected by a hiking trail, approximately 2.5 kilometers long. Which takes time to travel to study nature. The journey takes 1.30-2 hours. On Koh Paet is the location of the Koh Similan National Park Protection Unit, which has a tourist service center, tent area, and food that facilitates the visitors. Tourist the main tourist spots of Koh Paed are Ao Kuak, Ao Wong Chang.

- Koh Si (Koh Miang)
It´s a big island is located in the middle of the Similan Islands. There is a location of the park ranger unit at Sor.L.1 (Koh Miang). There is an area next to Koh Similan. On Koh Si, there are 2 beaches and a viewpoint, including:
1. Beach in front of Koh Si It is a fine white sand beach, about 400 meters long. The white sand is one of the most beautiful in Thailand. The water is blue. There are corals scattered in groups. Not gathered in a line this area is a comfortable snorkeling spot.
2.Hat Lek is a beach on the east side of the island. You can walk from the front beach along the nature trail, a distance of 300 meters, into a humid evergreen forest. And it´s a spot to see chicken crabs. This small beach area also has small coral reefs scattered in patches. There are beautiful sea fish along the coral reef such as clown fish, butterfly fish, and angelfish.
3. Viewpoint of the governor´s courtyard. There are a lot of palm trees growing and the beautiful landscape of Similan Island. You can see every island in the Similan Islands.
- Koh Kao (Koh Ba Ngu)
- Koh Huyong
- Pusaar Rock or Skull Island It is the seventh island of the Similan Islands.

Tour Includes

    Snorkeling equipment, 3 Meals, Drinks, Fruit, Local guide, R/T Transfer

What to Bring

    - Shorts & Light T-shirt
    - Light Deck Shoes
    - Beach Towel
    - Sunscreen
    - Sun Hat
    - Sunglasses
    - Camera
    - Small Cash Money

Please Note

    (This program is subject to change without prior notice according to the weather and tide conditions.)

    ** Last booking 10 hrs. before pick up time.


08.00 AM

- Welcome you on board at private pier (Thap-lamu) to check in and pick up snorkeling equipment. Serve you with hot drinks and bakery.

09.00 AM

- Depart to Similan Islands by catamaran 2 storeys.

10.50 AM

- Arrive Similan Islands, first snorkeling and appreciating underwater world, viewing beautiful fishes and colorful corals at Island No.5 and No.6

11.40 AM

- Take you to Island No.4 (Koh Miang), relaxing at bay with your own leisure on the beach.

12.00 AM

- Enjoy with quality lunch box set on Island No.4(Koh Miang).

01.00 PM

- Depart from Island No.4 to Island No.9(Koh Ba Ngu) for snorkeling at Christmas Point or Namchai bay, The highlight area where there are attractive coral reefs and a variety of colourful fishes.

02.15 PM

- Take you to visit a Sailing rock which is the landmark Kol "Similan Island" at Island No.8 (Koh Similan) Where you can relaxing, swiming, take pictures or climbing up to a view point on the top of a Sailing rock.

03.30 PM

- Depart from Similan Island with a smile and impression.

04.50 PM

- Arrive at pier(Thap-lamu). Welcome you with a variety of drinks, snacks, tasty papaya salad, fried chicken, ice cream, Then back to your hotel. (This program is subject to change without prior notice according to the weather and tide conditions.)